Digital Marketing Services

Get Your Story Out There

Gallagher Marketing Group works together with you, building a marketing plan and making improvements as we go.  We keep on top of new SEO techniques and continue to make modifications to your website and marketing strategy as new technologies develop.


Get Listed

Where ever your customers go online we get your business promoted. Customers look for your business on mobile sites and GPS, social media sites and the major search engines (Bing, Google, Yahoo). It's our job to make sure you're there both organically and if you choose a PPC (pay per click) option.

Get Optimized

We build our websites SEO friendly and responsive from the start.  We research keywords and terms that are best for your business to rank for  and we make sure your site is not only visually pleasing with photos and graphics but your content is easy to read by humans and search engines.  We keep track of how well your SEO is performing using analytics .

Get Social

The number of people online is staggering, it is the perfect opportunity to utilize social media to get your message out and generate business.  We create your profile on social media sites that will best suit your business and the products or services you want to advertise.  You can choose to maintain these accounts yourself or have Gallagher Marketing Group maintain the accounts for you.

Get In Touch

Nurturing your customer relationships will not only encourage customer loyalty but also drive referrals.
We will create email campaigns to communicate with current customers as well as try to convert potential customers. We will track these campaigns and you will know who opened the e-mails and what links were clicked on which will in turn help drive more traffic to your website.

What's in this Package

We Get you Listed!

We make sure your business is listed with GPS and the major Search Engines (Google Business, Bing Places, Yahoo).  Together we can decide if other review sites like Yelp and the Better Business Bureau are a good fit for your business.

Getting and Staying Connected on Social Media

THE BIG 4:  We will create accounts and  help you develop a profile for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google + . We will maintain these accounts with relevant and interesting information from you including pictures and videos.

CONSIDERING OTHERS:  Your product or service may also fit into other social media outlets like Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and YouTube.  Together we can decide if you have content that would be effective on these outlets and then create and maintain these accounts as well.

Email Marketing

We will create a customized email campaign which will help strengthen your relationship with your current customers  and encourage loyalty and cultivate referrals.